Blondie Holiday Shopping Guide

Blondie Holiday Shopping Guide

Discover the Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide for Blondie Lovers

Need a unique gift for that special someone in your life who loves horses? Don't worry, we've got your back! Check out our top picks and personal favourites in this quick guide.

Soft Rope Halter and 12ft Lead

Our top-selling item, and it's easy to see why! The super-soft rope halter and 12ft lead are perfect for horse lovers, whether they're newbies or pros. You can't beat this gift!

Blondie soft rope halter and 12ft lead line, Christmas wreath and garland on vintage Chevrolet truck

  • Driving Lines
  • Choose from various lengths, but 24ft is highly sought after. No need to wait for custom orders, as we have them ready to ship for the holidays. Perfect for colt starting, advancing horsemanship, and rehab programs.

    Blondie Ground Driving Lines, Christmas wreath and garland on vintage Chevy Truck

  • Featherlines
  • The 16ft length is a popular option among our various sizes. Available in black, but customizable to any color. These lines have multiple uses, including advancing liberty work with horses, serving as a photography halter, and functioning as a quick catch halter or makeshift dog lead in emergencies. 

    Blondie Featherline, Christmas wreath and garland on vintage Chevy Truck

    Cotton Rope Hobbles

    These are perfect little stocking stuffers. The Blondie cotton rope hobbles are so soft and easy to put on and take off. They're great for training horses of all ages to hobble with!

    4-Knot Rope Halter

    A must-have training tool for any horseman! The extra knots on the noseband add more pressure points, helping you communicate cues with ease.

    Blondie 4-knot Firm Rope Halter with 12ft lead line, Christmas wreath and garland on vintage Chevy Truck

    Blondie Personal Faves

    Loping Hackamore - We ride almost exclusively in our loping hackamore and love the variety in feel it offers to all different stages of our training. From colts to seasoned horses this is a great tool. Have kids? These are great if you let them ride your favourite show pony, but are a bit worried they might get a little too heavy handed with the reins, because there is no bit your favorite pony’s mouth isn’t being pulled on unnecessarily. 

    Stiff Rope Halter - We can’t say enough about our stiff rope halters. They are easy to put on and take off and offer a great feel. They help to clearly communicate to your horse because the rope is made from a stiffer material. 


    We want your festive season to be full of joy and free of stress, we hope our shopping guide did the trick! We're happy to lend a hand with size and color suggestions if you need them, so hit us up on socials or by email.