Rope Halter & Lead Cleaning 101

Cleaning them up is a breeze, and trust me, the results are oh-so-satisfying. Here's a simple guide to get those halters and leads looking spick and span.

Find Out How

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  • Our New Fave

    Blondie soft rope halters are hard to beat. They are our new favourite halter, we will be back for more!

    Jenna, NS

  • Best Halter Ever

    We've used rope halters before, but Kelly takes so much care in making these halters. They are such good quality and so thoughtfully made.

    Andrew, NY

  • Amazing!

    All the little details set this halter apart from all others. You're definitely not going to find this halter in a store. The leather on the ends is a really nice feature.

    Jessica, FL

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