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Blondie Cinches & Rope Halters


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Blondie featherlines or liberty lines are made from the same rope that our soft rope halters are made from and come in a variety of lengths and colours to suit your needs.

The lines are made in the same fashion as our leads. They are spliced at either end, with a small eye splice on one end and a leather popper on the other. Small snaps may be easily be put on and taken off of the line if you wish.

This allows you to attach the featherline to your horse very easily when you are working.

These lines are very versatile and are an essential part of the early stages of liberty work with horses and are a great addition to your tack room.

These are currently offered in 3 different lengths

Small - 16'

Medium - 20'

Large - 24'

Due to the thin and lightweight nature of these lines we do not recommend using these lines as a lead line. These lines should only be used in training situations.