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Blondie Cinches & Rope Halters

Stiff Rope Halter - YEARLING SIZE

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** Please note :  All halters are made to order and therefore will not ship out immediately. If you are looking for a ready to ship halter please go to our "Ready To Go" section**

Blondie stiff rope halters are made from 1/4” diameter marine grade yacht rope. This rope is fade resistant and will stand up to just about anything as it is made to withstand the elements.

This rope is a great weight and is easy to handle, but is quite stiff.

Stiff halter rope is great for everyday use and for use in your groundwork practice, but it is also especially helpful because it offers a little more “bite” than the soft rope alternative.  

Comes in a large variety of colour options.

*Stiff rope halters come very stiff and will break in over time. With use the knots will tighten down and the rope will be more pliable, but will not ever be as soft as the soft rope used for the Blondie Soft Rope Halters.*