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Blondie Cinches & Rope Halters

Loping Hackamore

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The Loping Hackamore

Please note: 

There are two different styles. Please be sure to read through this entirely so there is no confusion. 

Loping Hackamores will be FINAL SALE - No modifications will be made once you receive your order. Measurements may be needed in order to provide the best fit. 

Each loping hackamore will be made with the same size bosal, headstall, throat latch and reins and should fit most average size horses.

The headstall and throat latch will have adjustment, but the bosal and reins will be a set size and therefore, have no adjustment. If your horse has an above or below average size head please reach out before placing an order so accommodations can be made. If you're concerned about sizing please reach out to me with your horses muzzle and cheek measurement. If you need instruction on how to measure please reach out to me.


Style 1 : Loping Hackamore with Wrapped Bosal
Style 2 : Loping Hackamore with Plain Boasl

With each style you will choose your throat latch and rein colour. 
With style 1, in addition to choosing a colour for the throat latch and reins, you will have a choice of colours for the wrap on the bosal. 

Once orders are placed you will receive an email to confirm colour choices and sizing. Please be sure to include your email and/or phone number when ordering.