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Blondie Cinches & Rope Halters

28” Mohair Roper Cinch

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28” 100% Authentic Mohair Cinch

Roper style with flared center. The center dee rings are secured with nylon, stitched and wrapped.

Made with stainless steel hardware that won’t rust over time. Roller buckle on one end.

Mohair is a natural fibre that comes from angora goats. This makes mohair naturally hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and best of all breathable! Mohair cinches are easy to care for and because mohair doesn’t stretch out like other materials on the market, it will last through the years with some basic care. 

To care for your mohair cinch;

- Allow to dry completely after riding and brush with a soft bristled brush to remove dirt and debris. 

- You may COLD water, LOW pressure hose wash your cinch if you feel the need. Hang to dry out of direct sunlight.

- For a deeper clean: add small amount of fibre safe mild soap to a bucket along with COLD water, place cinch in bucket and agitate gently by hand, once satisfied cold water hose until no suds remain, hang to dry out of direct sunlight. 

Things to avoid;

- Hot water and high pressure (pressure wash) - this will mat the mohair fibres together and therefore it will lose its wonderful breathability and moisture wicking properties. 

- Dogs and moths - each of these loves to chew on the nice soft mohair fibre.