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Blondie Cinches & Rope Halters

30" Roper Cinch - Mocha with Sage, Brown and Orange accents

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30” Roper cinch

The details;
Length: 30”
Colours: Mocha, Sage, Brown
Hardware: Solid Brass 3” dee ring buckles, 1” solid brass dee rings
Off Billet Keeper: Tooled leather keeper 

*Dee rings are secured in with nylon, stitched then wrapped.*

Mohair is a natural fibre that comes from Angora goats. Because mohair is a natural fibre it is breathable, hypoallergenic and moisture wicking.

Making it a great choice for horses of all shapes and sizes.

Mohair does not stretch out and is a good choice for sensitive horses who are prone to cinch galls.
Easy to keep clean and comfortable for your horse.

Every mohair product is hand made by me. Therefore there may be variations. Each item is unique in its own right. I do my best to take clear pictures, but they don’t always represent the colours clearly.

If you would like a custom mohair product please contact me and we can work together to choose colours and design.